April 3, 2014

Oh hi.

I don't know where I've been this long. Just furiously living, I guess.

Had an unexpectedly fruitful day today, somehow. And yes, it's rare. I hardly have a full day of feeling that I've had a satisfying and fulfilling day.

In another words, it's really difficult for me to feel happy. It's like Im born depressed or with a dark cloud above my head and it's my comfort zone to be sad.

Was reading on my last few posts on this blog and boy, was it emotional. I used to love writing so much and just typing my honest emotions releases this huge amount of sadness in me and replaces them with enough positivity to carry on life.

Im glad I made extra effort to make my friends' day and somehow reconciled with a part of me by going back to school for the graduates' fashion show and revisiting the scenes where my nightmare took place.